Source: ROCA Gallery/Agnese Sanvito.

We focus on digitally integrated design, where technology influences how we live.

Instance is an agile international design agency located in Amsterdam and London. We understand that the determining factor for real estate success is the ‘new domain of digitally integrated space, where systems impact how we experience navigate and socialize’. We recognize digital fabrication technology will restructure production spatially, procedurally and socially while AI and machine learning will disrupt business space, science and education increasingly blending with living and lifestyle environments. ‘When the factory is everywhere cities will be productive on a fine-grained (human) scale’

We are actively engaged with clients globally to change the built environment through the integrated design of architecture, public space, brands, creative industries, power generation and data networks towards smarter, more sustainable development’.

Instances of us.

The creative leader of Instance BV is Iain Macdonald, an architect designing globally, previously Head of Architecture, NTU and Professor Instance of Uncertain Spaces, ArtEZ.

Architect & Principal Creative.

Instance of Uncertain Spaces.

Our areas of expertise.

Advanced Technologies

CoExistence & Emergent Workplace

Data Centres

Nuclear Power

Science & Research

Smart Cities

Urban Planning

Collective Client Experience:

Nuclear Design
Data & Communications
Property, Pharma & Tech

Our strategy is to unpack the uncertainty of spaces.

We upscale this approach to a meta level of an emergent reality of digitally integrated space commonly referred to as the Smart City or more accurately Digital Real Estate. We explore the agglomeration of emergent technologies redefining entire sectors of the economy from culture to hospitality to workplace , the use of data at a mega scale to inform design of human and autonomous activity and the significance this augmented design can have on how  we perceive and engage with a world of Bits and Bricks.