Only unknown outcomes.

We believe in a deeply connected world.

We are a creative agency of Architects and Designers.

We believe the most critical aspect of creating a new environment is not so much to satisfy a set of already defined needs but to arrive at a new and unique definition.

Purpose built form.

Our strategy is to unpack the uncertainty of spaces.

Instance is an agile international design agency located in Amsterdam and London. We understand that the determining factor for real estate success is the ‘new domain of digitally integrated space.

Blending art and science.

We explore emergent technologies redefining entire sectors.

We explore the agglomeration of emergent technologies redefining how we perceive and engage with the world.

We investigate design without geospatial constraints, minimizing energy structures, constructing using as little mass and material as possible, humanizing and working with scale to promote acceptance of a new urban code.